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Master trainer in Mind mapping, Speed reading and Memory, Coach, Strategist and an educator!

about me

I've spent most of my life helping children in building up their confidence and raising their self esteem and I've made it my life's mission and purpose to help children and people like you to learn new skills and add value to your life.

And why I would do that ?

Because Children have got important work to do; changing the look of this world. They are here to share their unique gifts with humanity.

How do I do it?

There are a number of skills they can learn that would not only add value to their lives, but also to others and it would create an impact !!

And these skills are not limited to children ! You can learn those skills and add a weightage to your resume.

my mission

Enabling today’s youth to have a better tomorrow by empowering them with the tools to think creatively, innovatively and radially !

my story

I like to think that I am a strong woman! A woman of resilience, patience, and flexibility in my thoughts.

As a young child, I was teased and made fun of in school while reading due to my stuttering! I have been brilliant as a student; however, I always lacked the confidence to raise my hand in front of the class to answer the question. Not because I didn’t know the answer, but because I would stutter and was a laughing stock in front of the class.

While I was pursuing my degree in medicine in 1999 back in India, I had no confidence in myself to give a presentation in front of the class, and it was one of our passing criteria.

I had a personal awakening at the age of 27 when my son was 3 years old. He was “labelled” as a child. At that time, I decided to quit my lucrative career in medicine and spent my time helping the children fill up their learning gaps and teaching the way they learn. I have been tutoring children for as long as I can remember and have been running a tutoring center in the name of KipMcgrath tutoring in Ringwood, Victoria. For details, visit here www.kipmcgrath.com.au/ringwood

I have trained, mentored, and coached a number of children on public speaking via Toastmasters Gavel’s club between the year 2011 to 2014. 

I have worked on myself for the past few years and have made my life’s mission to help the children build up their self-esteem and raise their level of Self Confidence.

I have surrounded myself with the best and have spent my life learning from the best.

I have lived in 5 different countries and have widely travelled around the world. I now call Melbourne, Australia my home!

Give your children the confidence to make a difference in their lives and impact others’ lives as well. At the end; “It’s the difference that would make the difference.”

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